Resistance Training Vs Cardio. Which Is Better?

Weights training

And the never ending debate goes on. Is resistance training really better than cardio?

When we talk about cardio exercises, the first thing that comes into our mind is aerobics or maybe Zumba. They are called aerobic exercises because it utilizes oxygen to meet the energy demands of the exercise. Depending on the how the energy generating process goes, it can range from low to high intensity.

Resistance training is different from cardio in a sense that the muscles are forced to contract in order to overcome an external resistance force like dumbbells. This type of training when done repeatedly and consistently will result to an increase in strength, mass, tone or endurance. Resistance training is also known as weight training or strength training.

So how is resistance training better than cardio?

Resistance training can increase metabolism even up to 36 hours after working out. This means that even if you are watching TV or reading a book, your body continues to burn calories. This is not the same when doing cardio. You stop burning calories as soon as you step off that stairmaster.

Resistance training will help build lean muscle mass that burns the calories faster. Think of how much calories you can burn if you have more muscle mass. Definitely an effective strategy in losing that body fat.

Resistance training can positively change your body composition. Cardio will help you with fat loss but it still leaves you looking “soft.” Lifting weights will make you look more toned. Combined with a healthy diet, resistance training will enhance your natural body curves giving it more definition.

Resistance training could give you the much needed confidence boost. The mere fact that you can lift weights, you know that you are physically stronger than most women (or men). It will at one point make you feel unstoppable.