Foods to Avoid if You Want Healthy Looking Skin


We know, thanks to great lengths of research and scientific inquiry, that different foods and nutrients work within our bodies in different manners. We know that eating a delicious candy bar causes our bodies to behave differently than when we eat a plate full of brilliantly green broccoli. In order to build our best bodies, we need balance – a blend of both tasty but not-so-nutritious foods along with the vegetables, fruits, and other nutritious items that build muscle, help body function, and improve skin. But what, exactly, should we eat when we want to focus on certain areas of the body in particular? Scientists have narrowed down what foods work best for every area, organ, and health matter involving the body – and many foods are directly connected to our physical appearance. If you want to make sure your outer appearance looks its best, consider staying away from these most problematic foods for skin.

Rice Cakes

Think bland and boring rice cakes are the secret to your weight loss, or to an overall healthy body? You might want to reconsider that thought – according to recent research, rice cakes are actually terrible for your skin. Although they were once the rage among gorgeous supermodels and health fanatics everywhere, rice cakes actually contain ingredients that screw up your blood sugar levels and facilitate the formation of wrinkles. Rice cakes contain simple carbs, which your body metabolizes just like sugar. As rice cakes are converted into glucose by the body, they work to damage and break down collagen – a crucial part of our skin that fights off wrinkles.


Who doesn’t enjoy a full glass of smooth and cool milk at breakfast, and perhaps at dinner as well? Milk has long been touted as the best beverage beyond water – a drink that offers protein and body-friendly nutrients, one that should be ingested as often as possible. Unfortunately, milk isn’t as healthy as medical professionals once believed. It’s full of growth hormones that are biologically active even after the drink has been pasteurized, and it’s those hormones that alter our bodies’ insulin, create inflammation in the skin, and increase oil production. While milk may be strengthening your bones, it’s also causing you to break out, and creating acne everywhere on your skin.


Finally, there are secret skin-harming ingredients in your morning smoothies. You might think that blending up a bunch of fruit, milk, and healthy greens like kale or spinach is doing your body and skin good; instead, it’s upping your sugar intake. Smoothies are a hidden source of sugar, especially when you ingest the premade or pre-bottled varieties. Yogurt, juice, and sherbet all add to a smoothie’s sugar, which causes you to ingest more sugar. Sugar, unfortunately, causes adverse skin effects and leads to breakouts, oil, and overall dullness.