Greatest Diets Available Today

Weight Loss

Dieting trends seem to come and go as often as we change our underwear. And let’s be honest, we have all tried one of these diets at one point or another during our lives (or more than one). So how do we know which diet to choose? Which will actually work for us? Well unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be a diet that works for everyone because everyone is different. You may need to try a few different diets before you find one that actually works for you. So what are some of the latest and greatest diets available today? These may be some great options for you to try, but it is always advisable to see your doctor before starting any diet or taking any medication.

Weight Watchers

This program is an oldie but goodie. It has been helping people lose weight for years by tracking all the food you have been eating and scoring each food based on many things. You then need to only eat within your score limit each day. Weight Watchers is a simple program which has produced many good results.


This one seems like a lose weight fast one but without the gimmick aspect. It actually helps you lose weight and fast. IdealShape Diet is one that can work for people of all ages and doesn’t leave you starving all day. They claim to be able to help you reach your ideal weight in only a few short months! They can achieve this with a combination of exercise and drinking these meal replacement shakes.

Gluten Free Diet

Gluten free is quickly becoming one of the most popular diets in 2015. This is basically eating food which is free of all gluten. This is harder then you may think as many of our everyday foods contain gluten such as bread. But beware or gluten free packaged products. Always read your labels as often the gluten free product is far worse for you then the product with gluten as they add many artificial ingredients and chemicals to still make the food taste good.

Raw Food Diet

The Raw Food Diet is quickly gaining popularity almost like it’s the latest fashion. The idea is that you only eat raw food which is mainly vegetables. The idea behind it is that cooking food at high temperatures actually removes most of the vitamins and minerals. Raw food is also meant to give you more energy which everyone wants, well almost everyone…