Sports Fashion – How It’s Evolving


Sports fashion has evolved greatly over the last 20 years. Back in the day everyone had lose fitting clothes which made everyone look little. Now pretty much all sports clothes are well fitted, breathable, and super comfortable. But there are some sports which fashion took more of a drastic turn such as the ones below:


Golf is one of those sports which used to be VERY conservative including which clothes players wore. It was a game for gentlemen on a Sunday afternoon followed by tea and a meal. Players would almost always wear a plain colored polo shirt, trousers, and golf shoes. Boy has things changed since then. These days the clothes are getting more fitted and comfortable like I mentioned above, but the clothes are getting far wilder with strange colors, players wearing shorts, and even playing with no sleeves. The right gear along with the right equipment for golf will work wonders (if you have the right training of course!). In the pro circuit, you will even see players with tattooed arms, necks, and more. This may not seem like a big deal, but for golf, it is a really big deal as it used to be so gentlemanly.


Tennis is another sport where the fashion has changed greatly. Once again, players used to play in really baggy clothing but now the men play in short shorts and dry fit shirts. However, some of the females play in very skimpy clothing which sometimes is not appropriate for general viewing of the game. It has almost turned into a fashion show rather than a game of tennis. Which this is actually good for some people as they may not like tennis but do like fashion.

American Football

This sport started off with everyone wearing the same thing which was basically lots of padding and a helmet. However, I have recently seen for the first time that there is now a Lingerie Football League for woman! So these woman are basically wearing nothing but lingerie, crazy stuff! Quite inappropriate, some of these girls don’t have the slimmest of bodies or visible stretch marks. But if they want to play football, there is much more money in this sport this regular football for ladies. Never thought the sport would evolve into that.