4 Dinners That Can Help You Lose Weight

Healthy Dinner

Who says we can’t have a delicious dinner which can actually help us lose weight? Well, we can. There are plenty of healthy options out there, you just need to look at the ingredients that you are putting into your food. Here are four of our favorite healthy dinner recipes that can help you lose weight.

Salmon With Vegetables

Salmon is great for helping you lose weight. It is very filling and keeps you full for a long time. It also has essential vitamins and minerals and omega 3’s which are all great for us. Couple this with some steamed vegetables for a great tasting dinner. If you like, add some unsalted butter (not margarine) on the vegetables for extra flavor.

Salad With Tuna Or Grilled Chicken

Most people know this, but salads are a great way to lose weight. But what many people don’t know is that we can make salads taste great. Here are some recipes for example. Just make sure you are not using a creamed based dressing such as Caesar dressing as those tend to be full of sugar, fat, and other nasty ingredients.

Stir-fry With Chicken

Stir-fry’s are a great tasting dinner which is super quick to make. You could make the whole dinner from scratch in around 20 minutes. And what’s better is that it could actually help you lose weight! Just make sure you use a natural rice such as brown rice, Jasmin, or wild rice. And be careful about which sauce you use, many of the pre-packaged sauces are full of stuff that will make you fat! So either check the ingredients carefully and make sure the sauce has no added sugar, salt, or any ingredients you don’t understand. But it’s always best to make your own sauce, try making this honey garlic sauce.

Steak With Mashed Potatoes And Salad

Another favorite of ours is steak, potatoes, with salad. Make sure you get a good piece of meat preferably organic and from grass fed cattle. Then simply add fresh mashed potatoes (without mashing any nasty ingredients into them) and a great little side salad. Once again, don’t use a creamed based dressing or one with lots of sugar or artificial sweeteners.