Resistance Training Vs Cardio. Which Is Better?

Weights training

And the never ending debate goes on. Is resistance training really better than cardio?

When we talk about cardio exercises, the first thing that comes into our mind is aerobics or maybe Zumba. They are called aerobic exercises because it utilizes oxygen to meet the energy demands of the exercise. Depending on the how the energy generating process goes, it can range from low to high intensity.

Resistance training is different from cardio in a sense that the muscles are forced to contract in order to overcome an external resistance force like dumbbells. This type of training when done repeatedly and consistently will result to an increase in strength, mass, tone or endurance. Resistance training is also known as weight training or strength training.

So how is resistance training better than cardio?

Resistance training can increase metabolism even up to 36 hours after working out. This means that even if you are watching TV or reading a book, your body continues to burn calories. This is not the same when doing cardio. You stop burning calories as soon as you step off that stairmaster.

Resistance training will help build lean muscle mass that burns the calories faster. Think of how much calories you can burn if you have more muscle mass. Definitely an effective strategy in losing that body fat.

Resistance training can positively change your body composition. Cardio will help you with fat loss but it still leaves you looking “soft.” Lifting weights will make you look more toned. Combined with a healthy diet, resistance training will enhance your natural body curves giving it more definition.

Resistance training could give you the much needed confidence boost. The mere fact that you can lift weights, you know that you are physically stronger than most women (or men). It will at one point make you feel unstoppable.

Foods to Avoid if You Want Healthy Looking Skin


We know, thanks to great lengths of research and scientific inquiry, that different foods and nutrients work within our bodies in different manners. We know that eating a delicious candy bar causes our bodies to behave differently than when we eat a plate full of brilliantly green broccoli. In order to build our best bodies, we need balance – a blend of both tasty but not-so-nutritious foods along with the vegetables, fruits, and other nutritious items that build muscle, help body function, and improve skin. But what, exactly, should we eat when we want to focus on certain areas of the body in particular? Scientists have narrowed down what foods work best for every area, organ, and health matter involving the body – and many foods are directly connected to our physical appearance. If you want to make sure your outer appearance looks its best, consider staying away from these most problematic foods for skin.

Rice Cakes

Think bland and boring rice cakes are the secret to your weight loss, or to an overall healthy body? You might want to reconsider that thought – according to recent research, rice cakes are actually terrible for your skin. Although they were once the rage among gorgeous supermodels and health fanatics everywhere, rice cakes actually contain ingredients that screw up your blood sugar levels and facilitate the formation of wrinkles. Rice cakes contain simple carbs, which your body metabolizes just like sugar. As rice cakes are converted into glucose by the body, they work to damage and break down collagen – a crucial part of our skin that fights off wrinkles.


Who doesn’t enjoy a full glass of smooth and cool milk at breakfast, and perhaps at dinner as well? Milk has long been touted as the best beverage beyond water – a drink that offers protein and body-friendly nutrients, one that should be ingested as often as possible. Unfortunately, milk isn’t as healthy as medical professionals once believed. It’s full of growth hormones that are biologically active even after the drink has been pasteurized, and it’s those hormones that alter our bodies’ insulin, create inflammation in the skin, and increase oil production. While milk may be strengthening your bones, it’s also causing you to break out, and creating acne everywhere on your skin.


Finally, there are secret skin-harming ingredients in your morning smoothies. You might think that blending up a bunch of fruit, milk, and healthy greens like kale or spinach is doing your body and skin good; instead, it’s upping your sugar intake. Smoothies are a hidden source of sugar, especially when you ingest the premade or pre-bottled varieties. Yogurt, juice, and sherbet all add to a smoothie’s sugar, which causes you to ingest more sugar. Sugar, unfortunately, causes adverse skin effects and leads to breakouts, oil, and overall dullness.

Greatest Diets Available Today

Weight Loss

Dieting trends seem to come and go as often as we change our underwear. And let’s be honest, we have all tried one of these diets at one point or another during our lives (or more than one). So how do we know which diet to choose? Which will actually work for us? Well unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be a diet that works for everyone because everyone is different. You may need to try a few different diets before you find one that actually works for you. So what are some of the latest and greatest diets available today? These may be some great options for you to try, but it is always advisable to see your doctor before starting any diet or taking any medication.

Weight Watchers

This program is an oldie but goodie. It has been helping people lose weight for years by tracking all the food you have been eating and scoring each food based on many things. You then need to only eat within your score limit each day. Weight Watchers is a simple program which has produced many good results.


This one seems like a lose weight fast one but without the gimmick aspect. It actually helps you lose weight and fast. IdealShape Diet is one that can work for people of all ages and doesn’t leave you starving all day. They claim to be able to help you reach your ideal weight in only a few short months! They can achieve this with a combination of exercise and drinking these meal replacement shakes.

Gluten Free Diet

Gluten free is quickly becoming one of the most popular diets in 2015. This is basically eating food which is free of all gluten. This is harder then you may think as many of our everyday foods contain gluten such as bread. But beware or gluten free packaged products. Always read your labels as often the gluten free product is far worse for you then the product with gluten as they add many artificial ingredients and chemicals to still make the food taste good.

Raw Food Diet

The Raw Food Diet is quickly gaining popularity almost like it’s the latest fashion. The idea is that you only eat raw food which is mainly vegetables. The idea behind it is that cooking food at high temperatures actually removes most of the vitamins and minerals. Raw food is also meant to give you more energy which everyone wants, well almost everyone…

Sports Fashion – How It’s Evolving


Sports fashion has evolved greatly over the last 20 years. Back in the day everyone had lose fitting clothes which made everyone look little. Now pretty much all sports clothes are well fitted, breathable, and super comfortable. But there are some sports which fashion took more of a drastic turn such as the ones below:


Golf is one of those sports which used to be VERY conservative including which clothes players wore. It was a game for gentlemen on a Sunday afternoon followed by tea and a meal. Players would almost always wear a plain colored polo shirt, trousers, and golf shoes. Boy has things changed since then. These days the clothes are getting more fitted and comfortable like I mentioned above, but the clothes are getting far wilder with strange colors, players wearing shorts, and even playing with no sleeves. The right gear along with the right equipment for golf will work wonders (if you have the right training of course!). In the pro circuit, you will even see players with tattooed arms, necks, and more. This may not seem like a big deal, but for golf, it is a really big deal as it used to be so gentlemanly.


Tennis is another sport where the fashion has changed greatly. Once again, players used to play in really baggy clothing but now the men play in short shorts and dry fit shirts. However, some of the females play in very skimpy clothing which sometimes is not appropriate for general viewing of the game. It has almost turned into a fashion show rather than a game of tennis. Which this is actually good for some people as they may not like tennis but do like fashion.

American Football

This sport started off with everyone wearing the same thing which was basically lots of padding and a helmet. However, I have recently seen for the first time that there is now a Lingerie Football League for woman! So these woman are basically wearing nothing but lingerie, crazy stuff! Quite inappropriate, some of these girls don’t have the slimmest of bodies or visible stretch marks. But if they want to play football, there is much more money in this sport this regular football for ladies. Never thought the sport would evolve into that.

4 Dinners That Can Help You Lose Weight

Healthy Dinner

Who says we can’t have a delicious dinner which can actually help us lose weight? Well, we can. There are plenty of healthy options out there, you just need to look at the ingredients that you are putting into your food. Here are four of our favorite healthy dinner recipes that can help you lose weight.

Salmon With Vegetables

Salmon is great for helping you lose weight. It is very filling and keeps you full for a long time. It also has essential vitamins and minerals and omega 3’s which are all great for us. Couple this with some steamed vegetables for a great tasting dinner. If you like, add some unsalted butter (not margarine) on the vegetables for extra flavor.

Salad With Tuna Or Grilled Chicken

Most people know this, but salads are a great way to lose weight. But what many people don’t know is that we can make salads taste great. Here are some recipes for example. Just make sure you are not using a creamed based dressing such as Caesar dressing as those tend to be full of sugar, fat, and other nasty ingredients.

Stir-fry With Chicken

Stir-fry’s are a great tasting dinner which is super quick to make. You could make the whole dinner from scratch in around 20 minutes. And what’s better is that it could actually help you lose weight! Just make sure you use a natural rice such as brown rice, Jasmin, or wild rice. And be careful about which sauce you use, many of the pre-packaged sauces are full of stuff that will make you fat! So either check the ingredients carefully and make sure the sauce has no added sugar, salt, or any ingredients you don’t understand. But it’s always best to make your own sauce, try making this honey garlic sauce.

Steak With Mashed Potatoes And Salad

Another favorite of ours is steak, potatoes, with salad. Make sure you get a good piece of meat preferably organic and from grass fed cattle. Then simply add fresh mashed potatoes (without mashing any nasty ingredients into them) and a great little side salad. Once again, don’t use a creamed based dressing or one with lots of sugar or artificial sweeteners.